Rentway - They knew the furniture was infested because I told them!

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I have purchased from Rentway before under Rent-a-center for many years and have always been satisfied, until my last purchase.

I went with my friend to look at living room sets. I found the set I wanted and it was a floor model. I immediately began to redecorate my living room and grow accustomed to the furniture.

A month or so into the rental contract I got a *** on my wrist. It became infected and swollen by the next day and I went to the Doctor. I was told it was a scabie. They imbed under the skin.

I immediately called Rentway and told them what happened. They sent someone out to insceticide the furniture. I was not there but my friend was and she said they sprayed something that smelled like alcohol on it. When I talked to them after that day, they said that you can get scabies from cats and I do have a cat. Through further investigation online, I discovered that cats do not carry this type of insect, but dogs do.

Anyway, I had no problem with the furniture until I moved into a new apartment and then I was getting bit all the time and my daughter was also, and her bedroom is upstairs. I guess the insecticide got rid of the existing bugs, but the eggs had not hatched until the move.

I actually caught one of the bugs and compared it to a bug online and found it was bedbugs. I am being threatened with eviction now because the other apartment also has them. I am a clean person. When I moved out of the other apartment it was in bad condition because we had been there for quite a few years. There was some damage due to the fact that I had three cats that belonged to my sister, who passed away. They were spraying. After I gave the cats away my son moved home from another state after a divorce and asked me to keep his cat, which I now own, but in the other apartment he was spraying to mark territory because of the scent of the other cats. I have lived in this complex for 17 years, with no problems. Now I am being threatened with eviction because of these issues and they all started with the furniture I bought from Rentway.

When I called last month and told them about this, I was told that a great deal of time had gone by without me registering any additional complaints, so they would not assume responsibility. I now have to throw out the furniture and I even had to throw out mattresses and box springs that became infested. There is no place to even sleep in my house.

I am devastated and will probably now be evicted. I am in no financial condition for this to take place, I am on disability and trying to recover from Agoraphobia, I am frightened and feel that I have no alternatives and yet Rentway will not assume responsibility for the furniture. I feel really bad that I will never use them again but I think that after having been a customer as long as I have they would have offered me some leeway. And now eviction...what am I supposed to do? After 17 years, and having raised all of my children here, I am just beginning to live alone and enjoy an empty nest but it is devastating to me that I will be living without furniture and face possible eviction.

I just want to say..NEVER...NEVER...EVER... purchase used furniture from any place and I'm sure that if I spent some time I would find a lot of people that purchased furniture from that same showroom that now have the same issue. I pray there aren't but do the condition of my furniture I am sure there are. If you have a complaint like this about Rentway, please post it here so others will know not to buy used furniture from them and for that matter, from anyone. I have to turn this around and the only way I know how is to let others know.

Please be very careful if the only option you have is to acquire used furniture.

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Rentway - They beat me out of 3,281.73

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For 18 months I have been trying to get a manual for my big screen.I hav paid the tv off and now it don't work.THE manger keep giving me the cold shoulder. And too top it off it wasn't a new tv.RAC want fix my tv or give me any manual. What can I do to solve this.THE tv just turn two years old and I payed it off before the time they gave me.The bad part about this is that I furnish my entire house from RAC.Then they do me like this.I spent at least 7000 plus with these people.

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turn them in to the better business bureau,and then do what everybody else does for every problem SUE THEM

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